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Rainy Daze

1.99 usd

Add power and emotion of a rainy day to your photosRainy Daze puts the power and emotion of rain in photography. Envelop your photos in a soft mist, romantic glow or a timeless quality to create heighten drama, invoke a forlorn mood or to symbolize emotional relief and happiness.Included are three stunning rain styles along with an advanced tonal technique which creates a rainy day feel. Start by choosing a one-touch preset, and then customize the scene from a heavy rain shower to a light drizzly rain. Use a library of clouds to add mood and meaning, to set the perfect backdrop to your rainy day scene.Rain StylesRain Showers—dramatically darkens the scene to look like a stormy overcast day, or lighten up the colors for a soft misty one with light rainfall
Romantic Rain—combines a soft romantic effect with clouds and rain
Vintage Rain—adds tone, texture and old borders to clouds and rain scenes
IncludesThree rain stylesControl over rain color, length, thickness and angleDramatic darkening scene effectRomantic & Vintage effectAdjustable vignette29 Aged & distressed textures17 Library of cloud backdrops72 One-touch presets